We will concentrate on the beauty industry and spread our love to various parts of the world.


Our founders, Rebecca and her aunt Juan, are passionate advocates of beauty. They firmly believe that beauty knows no age limits, and everyone has the right and freedom to pursue their own unique vision of beauty. Rebecca's early exposure to the makeup brush industry, thanks to her father's deep-rooted involvement, ignited her passion for cosmetics from an early age. Finally, with the support of her aunt Juan, they decided to join forces and establish our company, MELLYME LTD, along with the brand MELLY FAIIRE.In the cycle of time, fate like a winding river, binds Juan and Rebecca together; Juan, as Rebecca's aunt, is not only her relative, but also her mentor and inspiration. Their connection is not only by blood, but also by a common passion and pursuit. Rebecca's father is a professional who has been in the makeup brush industry for many years. He passed on his family's beauty wisdom and skills, seeing makeup brushes as an extension of art, and Rebecca was raised with this aesthetic vision, and as she grew up, her quest for beauty gradually transformed into a love of makeup brushes. After her studies in makeup and beauty, Rebecca was eager to translate her passion and creativity into reality. After graduating, she decided to join forces with her aunt Juan to start her own makeup brush company. Their goal was not only to go the route of their own independent brand, but to provide users with high quality makeup brush tools through innovation and excellence. Their brand story is deeply rooted in their family's beauty heritage and unique understanding of beauty, Juan and Rebecca believe that everyone is unique and that everyone has something beautiful to offer. Their makeup brushes are more than just tools, they are a medium for expressing and showing individuality. The core philosophy of this independent brand is creativity and innovation. Through careful design and high quality materials, they want to provide users with a makeup experience like no other. Working with top artisans and designers, they are committed to making each brush a work of art. Each brush hair is carefully selected and each brush handle is meticulously sculpted to ensure the best quality and performance. Juan and Rebecca understand that beauty is not just about looks, but also about the story and personality inside. Their brand story emphasizes the right of every person to pursue their own unique beauty, regardless of age, gender, skin color or cultural background. Their makeup brushes are not only for professional makeup artists, but also for ordinary people, everyone can show their unique charm with these brushes. Juan and Rebecca firmly believe that their makeup brushes represent their love of beauty and self-expression, as well as their legacy and development of their family tradition. Through their brand story and products, they hope to inspire and motivate everyone to believe that their beauty is limitless and that everyone can be their own artist. It is this deep emotion and love of beauty that makes Juan and Rebecca's makeup brush company unique. Their brand story carries the wisdom and passion of their family, but also represents their pursuit of innovation and excellence. Their makeup brushes will be a tool for everyone to express their unique beauty, allowing each person to brighten their world with confidence and creativity. They believe that makeup brushes are not just a tool, but a bridge between the inside and the outside, helping each person to reveal their true self and outline their unique silhouette. Their brand story also emphasizes the value of sustainability. They are committed to using environmentally friendly and renewable materials, reducing their burden on the environment, and building fair, transparent and ethical partnerships with their supply chain partners. They believe that by pursuing sustainability, they can make a positive contribution to society and the environment and create a better future for the next generation. Juan and Rebecca's Makeup Brush Company is more than a business venture; it is a platform for legacy and innovation. They encourage young designers and creative talents to show their talents and inject new energy and inspiration into the company. Their team is passionate and creative, constantly exploring and breaking new ground in their commitment to creating amazing makeup brush products. Through their in-depth brand story, Juan and Rebecca hope to inspire confidence and courage in everyone, making each person believe that they are unique and possess unlimited potential and beauty. Their makeup brushes will become each person's partner and booster, helping them to shine their brightest on the beauty stage. Juan and Rebecca's Makeup Brush Company brand story is meticulously twisted, drawing from family traditions and a love of beauty to incorporate the values of creativity, innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express their unique beauty, and their makeup brushes will be the tools and medium to achieve this. Regardless of age, gender, skin color or cultural background, everyone can find their beauty under their makeup brushes and pursue their dreams with confidence and creativity.